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Pole and Aerial FITNESS COACHING in Kings Lynn

“Positivity, encouragement and inspiration are at the heart of everything we do and teach at Pole Perfect Fitness.”

Pole Perfect Fitness, a prestigious and acclaimed pole and aerial arts studio, has been at the forefront of its industry since 2009, nestled in the heart of King’s Lynn. Renowned within the pole community, we have earned an impeccable reputation for our commitment to excellence.

At Pole Perfect Fitness, we take immense pride in providing a professional, structured, and meticulously curated fun teaching environment. With a step-by-step approach, we ensure that learning is not only enjoyable but also conducted in a safe and secure setting. Our primary goal is to empower individuals and foster their growth, both in terms of fitness and self-assurance, through a modern and distinct approach. Regardless of age, size, or ability, everyone is warmly welcomed into our community.

Prepare for a transformative experience as you engage in a comprehensive whole-body workout that enables you to shed pounds, sculpt your physique, enhance flexibility, and experience an unparalleled sense of well-being. Our vibrant studio offers a dynamic and thrilling pathway to fitness, providing a fun and exhilarating means to achieve your health goals.

Join us at Pole Perfect Fitness and discover the exciting fusion of fun and fitness. Experience the journey that awaits, where empowerment, strength, and confidence come together in a harmonious blend, leaving you feeling absolutely phenomenal.

Join in and have fun

Whether you’re a novice taking your first steps or an advanced enthusiast seeking new challenges, our bespoke personal training sessions ensure there’s something just right for you.

To guarantee a top-notch experience, all our instructors possess the highest industry qualifications. They are fully insured and bring a wealth of expertise from their extensive backgrounds in Pole Fitness, Pole Dancing, Aerial Arts, and Group Fitness. With their profound knowledge and skill, you can rest assured that you are receiving guidance from professionals who are deeply rooted in these disciplines.

Don't Just take our word for it...

“I have wanted to do pole dancing for ages but never had the courage to follow it up. I then saw an advert for pole classes in King’s Lynn, which I plucked up courage (as I am very shy) to see if there were any spaces left, to my amazement there were, so no excuses as Jane had put my name down. I love going every week and have made some new friends to. Each week getting more confidence and I just love it!"
- SH
My 5 year-old daughter attended the kids circus class on Monday for the first time and loved it. She has had a number of accidents over the years, one ending in surgery and is very fearful now of getting hurt. My husband and I are amazed at the change after just 1 day, she has really got over her fears and is a different child. Thank you Jane and your wonderful team for helping my daughter and giving her a wonderful day.
- NE
"I really enjoy coming to the Fitness studios! I'm not really a gym person due to my confidence but i have never felt uncomfortable here! Jane and Terry have helped me loads with giving advice on healthy living, helped me build confidence and self belief and they have pushed me to achieve my best! theres never a dull lesson and everyone is really friendly! you can guarantee there will be lots of fun and laughter in each class and i would highly recommend coming here!"
- MB
"When in need of weight control and to increase level of fitness due to lifestyle and ill health this is the place to go. You are supported, encouraged and given the time and attention you need to achieve your goals not just from Jane and Terry but from other members. I would not consider anywhere else now and I have advised others to join."
- AO
"The classes are are amazing, Jane is amazing such a lovely woman. I can not recommended a better instructor she is always there to help you through every move you do. The classes are so warm and welcoming and the other members make you feel so welcome too. All in all the best place I've ever been to."
- JH