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Pole Fitness/ Dancing

In recent years Pole dance is the fastest growing form of fitness worldwide. Modern pole dancing has evolved into exercise and practiced by not only professional and performers but by everyone from casual students and fitness enthusiasts to national and internationally recognised pole athletes.  Maybe even the Olympics!  The world of Western Pole dates back a lot further then many would imagine. Pole is practiced today by both women and men and is a fusion of:

  • Chinese pole,
  • Indian Pole or ‘Mallakhamb’,
  • Other circus based (eg. Dutch and French pole)
  • Exotic dance of various international influences and
  • Pole dancing as seen in the travelling fairs of the American Depression.

With a fusion of gymnastics, ballet, the finely tuned circus performer skills of the Chinese, the energetic acrobatic skills of the Indians and the alluring and sensuous dance skills of the Western world, are what make up Pole dancing as we know it today. Our classes are all about fun and fitness; for all ages, sizes and abilities.  We all work together to be encouraging and all inclusive. Please browse the website for information regarding class timetable before emailing us, but if there is something you cant find then don’t hesitate to ask!

What are the benefits?

What is best to wear?

Lessons created around your ability:

Each individual will learn tricks and spins at their own pace, when you are ready for them. Everyone progresses at different rates and you will be guided through the moves safely and effectively.

Our Core Classes

Pole Foundation
(Beginners Only)

Pole Improvers

Pole Intermediates

Pole Advanced

Sexy Stilettos
(Pole Classique style)

Pole Jam

Please Note

If you are new to Pole Perfect Fitness you may be asked to attend 1-2-1 session first for an assessment on your ability level, this is to ensure you are matched safely and effectively to your appropriate level where possible.

Additional Classes

Pole Conditioning
(Pole Fitness style)

Mixed Ability

PDC Syllabus

Photo Shoot Practice