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Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop is a circus art form and a type of aerial acrobatics. The origins of aerial hoop, also known as “Circeaux” and “Lyra”, are unclear, but it has been mentioned in mainstream circus performance since the mid-2000s. It involves performing various acrobatic manoeuvres and poses on a suspended metal hoop, typically made of steel or aluminium. The hoop is usually suspended from the ceiling or a rigging apparatus, allowing the performer to spin, swing, and contort their body within and around the hoop. It has gained popularity in recent years as a fitness activity as well, with specialised classes and studios offering training for individuals interested in learning this unique and challenging art form.

Aerial hoop requires a combination of strength, flexibility, and grace. Participants use their upper body strength to hold onto the hoop and perform tricks while suspended in the air. They can manoeuvre themselves in and out of the hoop, creating visually captivating movements and shapes. Aerial hoop routines often incorporate spins, hangs, drops, and poses that showcase the performer’s artistic expression and physical abilities.

It is a suspended steel hoop, but rigged by one or two points and may have evolved from the high wire and trapeze swinging acts, which in turn came from gymnastics and acrobatics.

Each class will involve a Warm Up, Conditioning, Hoop Tricks, Transitions and Combos, building to a choreographed routine for each level to conquer over the period of your course, and finishing your session with a Cool Down and Stretches.  The instructor will demonstrate new tricks, moving around the room to spot students.  The aerial hoop does take a lot of upper body strength, but complete beginners are welcome as you will learn tricks and poses step by step, building your strength up over time and developing your flexibility.

Our classes are all about fun and fitness, for all ages, sizes and abilities.  We all work together to be encouraging and all-inclusive. Please browse the website for information regarding the class timetable before emailing us, but if there is something you can’t find, then don’t hesitate to ask!

What are you waiting for?

What is best to wear?

Tips for making the most of your classes

Anyone can do it: Although it does take time and training, classes can be tailored to fit the needs and physical ability of the individual.

Aerial Hoop Lessons created around your ability

Each individual will learn techniques at their own pace, when you are ready for them. Everyone progresses at different rates and you will be guided through moves safely and effectively.

Our Core Classes

Aerial Hoop Foundation

Beginners Only

Learning specific moves, tricks and poses that will give you the skills necessary to be safe and effective. This is where we build on your previous knowledge (Aproximately 20 moves) and start to form simple combinations and short routines. Once you confidently complete Beginners Level you then move into the Improvers classes.

Aerial Hoop Improvers

This is a key stage of your training as we perfect your knowledge at Foundation level, improving your strength, flexibility, fitness levels and technique to ensure you will be moving confidently and gracefully around the hoop. Pushing you creative talents even further you will then be comfortable joining Intermediate level Aerial Hoop classes!

Aerial Hoop Intermediates

These are suitable for students who have completed a Foundation / Beginners course (Aprox 12 weeks) and Improvers (Aprox 12 weeks) or have knowledge and experience in other aerial apparatus to an Intermediate Level. The skills in these classes will build further on your repertoire of hoop moves (Additional 52 moves) and prepare you for putting these into combinations confidently – all on both sides and into more complicated routines! There is a focus on good form and strength to prepare you for the next level.

Kids Aerial Hoop

Classes dedicated to mini ones. Ages 5 to 11.  Learning specific moves, tricks and poses that will give them the skills necessary to be safe and effective, simple combinations and short routines.

Aerial Jam

 This session is yours. It is unstructured and for you to use to work on anything you need to, just have a move/moves that you have been struggling with or need abit more practice and there will be an instructor to help you with what you’re trying to achieve. Suitable for Improvers Level and above.

Additional Classes

Introduction to Aerial Hoop

If you have NEVER taken an Aerial Hoop class and are new to aerial apparatus, this is the class for you. In this class you will learn the various techniques to enter and exit from the hoop along with conditioning, strength and flexibility exercises. Starting to build up your hoop repertoire of approximately 15 moves. After grasping these fundamentals in the 4 week course, you will be comfortable joining Foundation level Aerial Hoop classes.

Aerial Hoop Mixed Ability

A class catering for all levels from complete beginners up to advanced, you will be on a hoop with other ladies / gents of your ability and will work through a wide range of tricks and combinations set to your capability.

Photo Shoot Practice

We run regular student photo shoots which are great for boosting the confidence of our students, it provides a great way to keep track of progress and show off their skills to friends and family. Students get to dress up however they want, they can make it sporty, sexy or fancy dress – the only limit is the imagination.


  • Please see our timetable for specific class times and dates.
  • Classes are available as Blocks or Memberships, please contact for specific costs to ensure your getting the best options available for you.
  • Please see T’s and C’s prior to booking.