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Bungee Fitness

Bungee Fitness is a fun alternative to traditional workouts – a PERFECT addition to our schedule.

Our Bungee workout is unique because it combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout. Throughout the class, you will use your body to push against the bungee cord.

We have Bungee Fitness and Bungee Flow class options:

  • Bungee Fitness is a high intensity – low impact full body, 45 minute workout that pushes you to your limits, using 6 key Bungee exercises for a HiiT style workout you can really push your cardio fitness and safely on your joints.
  • Bungee Flow is a lower intensity – low impact full body, 45 minute workout that focusses on using key Bungee exercises and linking them into a flowing sequence.  

You will be floating weightlessly, dynamically bouncing freely in space, having so much fun you’ll forget how much you sweat. 

Learning the ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness System, taking it slowly with easy movements and learning the basics of bungee training! We start with some basic moves to get you and your body prepared for weightless training that provides absolutely NO stress on joints! Begin to appreciate the feeling of working out only your muscles and building your core in a safe and amazingly fun way.

Because Bungee fitness training is anti-gravity and motion based, it is the ultimate in low-impact exercise, with the added benefit of increased blood and lymphatic flow.

“You feel like you’re an astronaut in the bungee,” Patty Cummings

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