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PDC Gradings

The Pole Dance Community (PDC) is an advisory and awarding body for the pole dancing industry and was established in 2009 to help self regulate pole dancing instructors and studios.

Just as PDC provides a benchmark for instructors, PDC also gives you, the pole dance student a grading system that you can use to asses your own progress and compare it with other dancers from other studios all over the world.

We have called our grading system, the Advancement and Accreditation Program (or AAP for short).

Grading with the AAP provides unbiased, tangible feedback on your pole dancing progress and the book and certificates are great to show off to your friends!

By combining the wisdom and experience of our 1000+ member instructors, the AAP is recognised throughout the fitness pole dance industry and is being used by pole dancers from all over the world who enjoy the challenge and recognition it provides.

“Feeling hugely surprised and emotional for receiving PDC’s Grading Assessor Award 2016. Having received it for my outstanding contribution to the Advancement and Accreditation Programme (AAP) Apparently 1 of 3 to receive this! Amazing day!” Jane 

Roughly what do I have to do within a Grading:

Any other information:

To submit your grading you will need an up to date AAP membership.

Buy your AAP membership.  Your 1st year membership will cost £20 (Renewal costs £20 per year). Your AAP membership allows you to partake in gradings and gives you one free on-line grading which is direct with PDC. AAP members also receive regular updates from the PDC as well as special members discounts. Buy from our PDC Approved Instructors and Assessors. Your 1st years AAP memberships includes:

PDC Grading Costs:  

Online: 1st on-line grading (Direct with PDC) is free and subsequent on-line gradings cost £15 each. If you wish you have a Certificate of your Achievement this will cost £8 inc postage.

In House: In house gradings are £20 for new application + £15 per level. If you wish you have a Certificate of your Achievement this will cost £8 inc postage. Jane will deal with your new application and gradings so you can focus on the task.

Grading Scoring:  Your exam will be marked out of 130 and you need to score a minimum of 60 points to pass. If you reach 90 points you earn a merit pass and 115 points will earn you a distinction.


These are examples of gradings per level to help give you an idea of whats expected.

PDC Grading Level 1

PDC Grading Level 2

PDC Grading Level 3

PDC Grading Level 4

PDC Grading Level 5